Promotion Codes & Bonus Codes

Promo codes are used by bookmakers as an acquisition tool to help attract new customers. A promotion code, also known as a promo code, is a code consisting of either letters or numbers that customers can enter when signing up to a new betting site, in order to obtain some form of special offer. 

Some bookmakers may prefer to use a different name to ‘promotion code’ for their special offers. Instead of requiring a promo code, some betting sites use other terms, such as a bonus code, deposit code, welcome offer, or referral code.

The majority of bookmakers have welcome offers for new customers. However, not all betting sites require promotion codes when you’re joining. It's always sensible to check for a bookmaker promo code to ensure you get their best possible new customer offer.

While bookmaker offers change from time to time, the promotion codes may not always change. So, make sure you've read the terms and conditions attached to any promo code carefully before you choose to use it during your sign-up. has all the latest information on bookmaker promotion codes. If an offer changes, we’ll tell you about it. If a promo code changes, we’ll tell you about that as well. For those betting sites requiring a promotion code, we’ll also tell you where to enter it when you’re going through the registration process.

Horse Racing Promotions

As horse racing is one of the most popular sports with sports bettors, bookmakers regularly launch promotions to do with horse racing. Here are the different kinds of promos that you'll often see in any bookmaker's horse racing category.

Price Boosts

Bookmakers regularly boost the price of horses running in certain races. Punters wishing to join up with a bookmaker will be able to use a price boost promo code, and they'll receive a special boosted price on a horse once they've opened their account.

Bet Through The Card

Another popular horse racing promotion is the bet through the card special. Using this promo code, new customers will be asked to place a bet on any horse running in the first race on a specific card. You'll then receive either a £5 or £10 free bet for each of the remaining races on that card.

Free Bets

Free bet promotions are one of the most popular in the world of sports betting. Most bookmakers will stage some sort of free bet special offer for new customers wishing to join their websites. 

Extra Place Specials

Bookmakers regularly run extra place special offers for both new and existing customers. Depending on the number of runners in a horse race, bookmakers will have a certain amount of paid places for each-way backers. Extra place specials see bookmakers offer customers extra places in certain races.